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July 05, 2005 at 1:06 PM


I was born in Lamar, Colorado in Prowers County Hospital on September 2, the year of the Tiger. (Which also makes me a virgo) I lived there for nine years, give or take a year. I then moved to a town called Rifle on the other side of the state. There, I managed to make it through the hell years, then went to boarding school to go through more high school drama until I decided I had had enough of that, finished two years early, and went to college.

I attended Colorado Mountain College for three semesters, then decided I wanted to hop to a bigger pond, and transferred to the University of Northern Colorado, wherein I made bad decisions, as those who leave the nest early are prone to do, and the result of that bad decision making is my ass ended back in Rifle, in an apartment, working a pathetic job for fairly decent pay until I decided that I wanted to move.

Which brings me to where I am now - San Diego. I moved here late March/early April, and hopped from job to job, never holding one for whatever reason (I quit all of them) and now am screwed 'cause I didn't keep one. Hopefully employment will shotly follow the writing of this entry.

I am a bohemian at heart who wants to be a graphic designer - I think. My major of choice has always been International Conflict & Resolution, though I increasingly lean towards design whenever I talk about what I'd love to learn to do. I'll have to figure that out when I have money/loans/grants/admission to a school.

When I walk around on campus, I have on sandals of some sort - usually flipflops, jeans and a tanktop. My dark brown hair is usually up: rarely will you see it down. When my hair is up, you will see several sets of ear piercings, a helix, and an industrial. In addition to those, I have a labret, a naval and a nose piercing. One tattoo adorns my back, which you may see at the bottom of the page. It was an idea from a henna tattoo, and on the sides, I have my first and middle names in Arabic, from right to left (Julia Marcela) My beautiful brown eyes need a doctor to look at them so that they may have glasses - that hasn't been taken care of yet.

In my dark green messenger bag you will find black Pilot pens, because they're the only ones I've found that don't smear. This matters because I am left handed. Also in with the pens, you'd find a book - most likely historical fiction or some war novel. In the front pocket, you'd find a CD player, which would nine times out of ten have an oldies CD - 70's is a decade that's getting played a lot right now.

At home in a safe place you'd find my passport, issued by the United States of America, bearing entry/departure stamps from Belize, Guatemala, Egypt, Japan and China, respectively. Not recorded in a passport would be travels to Canada and Mexico, and much of the western United States.

Inside me is an anal retentive nag who jumps at any opportunity to correct any incorrect spelling or grammar. A photographer. A hypocrite at times, at other times a bearer of truth that is forever silent. Buried deep inside is a well of truth and knowledge of the right thing, the best thing to do, the thing that ought to be done - and I never listen.

I give myself very good advice, but very seldom follow it. - Alice
I am too critical, overly analytical and overthink thinks to the point that the original intent is destroyed. I have an attitude to rival the best, but when you strip all that away, I believe I am a beautiful person.


My, what lovely huge eyes you have This is what I look like most of the time, I think.

And also this, most likely.

This is what I look like when I smile - also what I look like a small portion of the time I'm in China.

Luis & Cella!
This is what I look like when I'm with my brother - which is a large part of why I smile in China.

If I had a twin . . .

Too bad it wasn't taken with film
This is what I look like when I try to take artsy glamour shots with a camera phone.

Julia Marcela in Arabic
If I had my shirt off and I was standing in front of you - the tattoo. Please read about it above.

If I was a photo negative leaning against the wall of my dorm.

Below you might find some buttons that I feel express parts of my personality, or what I think. If I have the energy to host them all and paste links. Also, visiting my rings page might do the same thing. Might supplement it. Perhaps now that you finished this (or cheated and scrolled down) you'd like a list of 101 random things I write about myself when I'm trying to finish it. If you visited my quotes page, you'd see what I think is witty/interesting. Whatever blows your skirt up.

Also, my myspace is here.

If you want to visit diaryland's poor little excuse for a profile, click here.

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