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July 05, 2005 at 2:14 PM

You're a closet freak." - Adam

Ah, sweet love - where he gets laid and you get fucked.

Die? In THIS racket?!" - Kung Fu Hustle

Don't have to be up for anything really - just naked sin and evil sex." - KickStandFrmHell


And I really like being close, because usually. . . . I'm far. - Margaret Cho

I AM good in bed

ADAM:Was there rough sex?

ME:I'm trying to think . . . . none that would involve my ARM . . ."

"Dude - if some Iraqi soldier guy - what do you call 'em - talibanditos - tried snatching me - I'd FLOOOOOOOOOR his ass" - I wish I could give credit for this, but I forgot who said it

I feel . . . pressure . . .tiny, tiny, tiny, little . . . . *gasp*PAIN!!!" - Adam

"That F-ing annoys the FUCK outta me" - Me

"I don't mean this to sound in a perverted way .............but, I love our sex, babe" - Andrew

*Indignant voice*
"I'm not the Taming of the Shrew. . ." - Me

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My pedantry is sexy. - Me


Interesting . . . no, wait, the other thing - tedious.

I'm anti-aircraft - he's 747.

Q: What's your guilty pleasure?

A: I don't feel guilty about my pleasures, that's the problem.

He who pays the fiddler calls the tunes.

"I had a cactus as a house plant once. And in a week it was dead. And I thought - I am less nourishing than a desert . . . " - Dimitri I-forgot-his-last-name

"Well, it's not whizbang, but . . . " - Adam

"You missed the "i". That was a whole syllable. You spelled one third of the word wrong!" - Luis

Amber said: I swear Dress Blues are like Kryptonite to a woman. It just knocks down all those defenses and lays you out flat.

"What's with women getting the tattoos right above the ass, with it going out across their hips? The female ass needs no dressing up - if I'm back there, I'm happy." - some other Comedy Central guy

Days until Bush leaves office.
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Of course I want you to go with me. Baby, I have to go: it's what I do - and you're who I do - I just wanna be able to do what I do while I do who I do.

While calling for insurance quotes, sitting in my underwear, protesting to homeboy's request to stand up because I'm on the phone with an agent: crumcake: stand up now
crumcake: tell the gecko u'll call back later

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